Take a Staycation: Visit Houston

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Gas prices are soaring, money is tight, but summer is right around the corner. Are you thinking of canceling your summer vacation plans?

Instead, why not take a staycation? A home vacation is a great way to save money and still get the value of a vacation. You’ll get to know your home city in new ways and even lighten some of the stress that seems to accompany annual vacations. Why not take a staycation?

  • Image Credit: Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • See Houston with “new” eyes

    For Houstonions, that means exploring the city and making new discoveries. Most people don’t look at their own city or town with “new” eyes. Houstonians are no different. They’re steeped in their daily life, rushing from task to task, living in cars and air-conditioned homes. Houstonians tend to be “in” the city more than “out and about” the city. They’re rushing from one point to another, often evading the heat, and missing much of what Houston has to offer. How do I know? Because I was once the same way.

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